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JA BEE Summer Program

For youth 6th-12th grade, the JA BEE Summer Program combines JA’s most popular activities while using STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and math—programs to ensure students have fun while learning; it strives to help students develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become productive citizens and workers, in a fun way! Students will engage with community members through field trips, guest speakers, job shadows, mock interviews, pitching, etc.

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JA USA National Student Leadership Summit

The Summit is Junior Achievement’s opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of students from across the United States. This pinnacle event brings together 15 JA student companies to our Nation’s capital for three days of high impact JA experiences. The Summit features the JA Company of the Year powered by The Hartford, the FedEx Access Award, the Microsoft Social Innovation Award, and the ICE NYSE Foundation Best Financial Performance Award.

JA Company of the Year Competition Overview

The JA Company of the Year Competition is a signature showcase for Junior Achievement and high school students who participate in the JA Company Program. Teens to demonstrate their business acumen and spirit of entrepreneurship in a competitive environment that engages business, education, policy leaders, and the media.

At the event, students from across the United States present the results of their enterprise and learning experience to a panel of independent judges who measure company performance against the competition criteria. The winning team must do more than create a financially successful JA Company or invent an exciting product or service. Team members also must demonstrate an understanding of their company’s performance and balance the business achievements of the team with each member’s personal development. Judges will look for evidence of innovation in all aspects of the company’s operations.

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Student Resources

Knowledge is power. You can take control of your future by learning basic 21st-century survival skills and putting them into practice. JA provides resources to assist you in gaining the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

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Research says that the greatest predictor of student achievement is not economic or social status, but rather the extent to which parents become involved in their children’s education. Kids believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up. And they’re right. But getting there isn’t always easy. No matter what your profession, your life experience and determination to succeed means you can serve as a role model – not just to your child – but to their peers too.

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