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What is a Teen Reality Fair?

A Teen Reality Fair is a fair where high school students role-play a 25-year-old who has to make decisions about money based on his/her chosen job. Students are given a salary, correlating to the job he/she chose, and a credit score. Each student will visit up to 15 different booths, including transportation, housing, education and training, entertainment, food and nutrition, clothing, furniture, insurance, loan center, savings and retirement, charitable giving, etc., and make decisions on how to budget his/her monthly salary.

These are only high school students. Why should they go to this event?

The money behaviors students have and develop today will have an impact on their futures. Poor money management skills and behaviors could prevent someone from purchasing a car, house, or many of the other things someone may want for his/her family. Understanding and experiencing the power of money can play an important role in learning how to manage that power in order to achieve goals. Through the Teen Reality Fair, we want to start students on the right path to learning the skills they need to navigate their financial future.

How can I get involved?


Tell your teacher about the fair. Have him/her visit our website to learn more, and encourage him/her to contact (413) 747-7670  for more info.


Share this event with your colleagues and administrators. If there is enough interest and you would like to join our fair at Elms, or have thoughts about hosting a fair at your own school, please call (413) 747-7670 . We encourage use of JA’s Finance Park and Finance Park Virtual for lessons before attending the Teen Reality Fair. 


As a volunteer, you will help guide students through the financial/educational aspects of the booth you request/are assigned to and explain the goals and responsibilities of the booth. You are asked to assist the students in selecting the best option based on their income, provide information about additional living expenses, and record and initial cost of choices on spending plans. All volunteers receive a short training before event. Each booth is equipped with a ‘cheat sheet’ for the volunteers’ convenience.

How can I support this event?

If you are interested in sponsoring the Teen Reality Fair, Finance Park Virtual, and/or a specific school, please contact Megan or Jennifer at (413) 747-7670 so we can provide you with more information.

Upcoming Teen Reality Fair:

Northampton High School

April 24, 2019, 7:45 am – 11:15 am