Teachers and students appreciate our volunteers, and it’s fun for you, too!

Are you interested in impacting today’s youth? JA volunteers are passionate people inspiring kids to learn the economics of life through free enterprise education.

JA enables caring adults to share their experience with students to show them what it takes to be successful in school and in life.

JA volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. They span all age groups and include business professionals, parents, community members, military personnel, college students and retirees.  No prior training is needed. You just need enthusiasm, good communication skills and a desire to make a difference.

Most companies support release time for this community service activity because you are providing your company with active visibility, and Junior Achievement programs contribute toward a better prepared future workforce.

Time Commitment

The volunteer time commitment varies according to the grade level and/or program or event chosen. Each volunteer receives one hour of training by a JA staff member in order to prepare and feel comfortable with the materials.

Traditionally, JA programs at the elementary level are 45 minute visits once a week for 5 weeks, requiring just 5 visits from the volunteer. Programs at the middle school level are 45 minute visits once a week for 6–8 weeks. Programs at the high school level are 45–60 minute visits once a week and typically last 6–8 weeks to a semester.

Becoming more popular, Junior Achievement hosts JA in a Day at several schools. Unlike our traditional programs, where volunteers visit a school several times over the course of several weeks, JA in a Day schools receive the entire program in one day (typically 5 hours for elementary/some middle school programs with a break for lunch and 3 hours for some middle/high school programs).

If you want to volunteer but have a varying schedule, it may be best to work with a partner (colleague, family member, friend). Collective teaching is fun for you and your partner and s/he can always take over the class if you have a conflict. Or, consider volunteering for one day as part of JA in a Day or for one of our special events.


As a JA volunteer you will teach financial literacy programs created by professional curriculum development staff at JA Worldwide. All the lesson plans and activities are detailed in an easy-to-follow guidebook, and we’ll provide you with a program kit that includes all the materials necessary to teach the programs.

The easy-to-use materials include a concise Consultant Guide with teaching scripts, activities and vocabulary words. You add your personal experiences to make it come alive. The classroom teacher remains in the room to assist and support your activities.

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